PIO and Delestrogen combined into one syringe and given IM in the backside by self-injection (twinkle286)

Combining PIO and Delestrogen into one shot.

Thanks twinkle286!


Jennifer said...

Just thought folks should know that my Fertility clinic says that you should never combine DelEstrogen and Progesterone in Oil. My nurse said it can cause complications. Always check with your doctor before taking online advice.

Bea said...

Yes, as per disclaimer in the sidebar, please check with your clinic first. Although, in many cases, it's just a matter of the clinic choosing a slightly different (but equally valid) protocol, in other cases your doctor will have good reasons for wanting to do things another way.

Sometimes it may be that the patient shown here, or yourself, is a special case, or that the protocol shown here is now out of date. Sometimes people do just get things wrong.

Your nurse is a good first port of call and will be able to answer most questions. If you are still confused, need more information, or think your case may be unusual, ask your doctor as well.

Please remember that the purpose of this site is to give you confidence with mixing and injecting, and is not intended as medical advice.