Clexane/Lovenox given SQ (Bea)

I'm feeling pretty smug because I have no bruises after four weeks of clexane injections. Things I've learned:
  1. Relax!
  2. Slow and steady is the secret.
  3. Draw any droplets away from the tip of the needle before injecting.
  4. Inject slowly and steadily, pinching just gently, bevel up (skinny bit first) taking care not to wiggle the needle.
  5. Draw out slowly and steadily, keeping the skin taught, again taking care not to wiggle the needle.
  6. Apply ice and pressure for a minute or two after the shot.
  7. It doesn't actually hurt!
  8. Later addition - after a couple of months, if you inject too often in the same spot you will start to bruise, so try to vary it.

(From Bea.)


Aurelia said...

You just may have saved me. After 3 days, I have 3 bruises. I'm doing this method tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Great Tummy too!!