Safely putting the cap back on the needle - passive recapping technique (Bea)

Needle stick injuries commonly occur during recapping of needles. This probably isn't a big deal, because it's probably your own blood anyway, but ouch! If you have a sturdy sharps bin, you don't have to take the risk - just throw the uncapped needle straight in. If you need to recap, this passive recapping technique is safer.

1. Lie the lid down on a flat surface.
2. Keeping your hands well away from the pointy end of the needle, scoop up the lid with the sharp bit.
3. Press the cap on firmly by bringing your fingers to the base of the cap, away from the sharp end.

From Bea.

Follistim/Puregon given SQ (Jodes)

Our 14th and FINAL injection of this cycle.

Thanks Jodes. Lesson learnt - let the alcohol dry! There are plenty more demonstrations from Jodes on her blog or at her youtube page.